Honda Cars of Katy to Introduce All-New 2012 Next Generation Honda Civic

Honda Cars of Katy is gearing up to introduce one of the most anticipated new vehicle models launching this year, the all-new, fully redesigned 2012 Next Generation Honda Civic.

“Time and again, the Civic delivers on all fronts – fuel economy, great performance and reliability, smart packaging, long-term value,” said Chris Morrison, General Manager at Honda Cars of Katy. “The 2012 Civic is taking all of that up a notch. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the release of the brand new Civic, and we are already taking orders on the vehicle.”

Customers can test drive the all-new 2012 Civic at Honda Cars of Katy on April 18th—the first day the vehicle will be available to purchase. The iconic vehicle will undoubtedly continue to be a standout in the compact segment showcasing some impressive new upgrades, but still possessing all of the same underlying qualities that customers have come to expect from the Civic and Honda.

Those with an eye for style won’t be disappointed. The next-generation Civic brings enhanced looks, performance and efficiency across the model range. In addition to the interior being revamped with improved materials and technologies, the 2012 Civic also boasts a cleaner design, more robust lines and a more dynamic physical appearance.

“We will be offering the full 2012 Civic line-up,” said Morrison. “This includes the standard coupe and sedan models, the new sporty Si versions and the hybrid, as well as an all-new model—the Civic HF, which gets approximately 40 mpg on the highway,” he added.

With a style to match every customers needs, there is certainly a car for every buyer. Come see what all the hype is about at Honda Cars of Katy on April 18, 2011, you won’t be disappointed.

About Honda Cars of Katy:

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Car Care Tips- Too Hot Ridgeline

2011 Honda Ridgeline RT

Leann writes: My V6 Honda Ridgeline has a 115k miles and a strange overheating problem. It seems that the farther I drive the hotter it gets until it overheats. If I am stuck in traffic, the temp gauge shows halfway and will never run hot. Not until I drive on the freeway 4-5 miles, then it starts creeping up until it boils over. If I drive on the feeder road, it starts to cool down. I have tried a thermostat and a water pump with no success. My Dad thinks that the head gaskets are leaking. Could that be the problem?

Mike: I have seen this problem several times over the years. What you have is a restricted radiator. It can keep the coolant temperature at a normal level at lower speeds, but can’t keep up with the thermal load at higher speeds. If you have your technician check  for “cold” spots in the radiator’s core, he will be able to locate the places where the coolant isn’t circulating. Then you will find the problem. I would recommend replacing the radiator before you overheat the engine so many times you do end up with a head gasket problem, or worse.

Here is a tip: If your windows seem to go up and down a little slower than they used to, let me tell you a good fix for this.  Get a can of silicone spray at the parts store and spray the window run channel to keep it slippery. This way the window slides easier and takes some of the pressure off of the window motor and window regulator. The silicone also helps keep the rubber soft and pliable. If your car is a little older, you can use silicone spray on all of the door seals to help them last a little longer and work a little better.

Mike the Car Guy University: In response to all of the great e mails I get every week, I am planning a series of classes on understanding your vehicle, and using that knowledge to extend its useful life. Details are still being worked out, but the classes will be in a series and hosted by some of the outstanding dealers in our area. If you would like to be notified when I am teaching in your area, just e-mail me and I’ll let you know. MH

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Letter of Appreciation

Letter of Appreciation Received:


Just a quick note of sincere appreciation. Thank you so much for your assistance in acquiring our new Honda Pilot. We LOVE the touring options on the car. Working with you made the transaction seem painless and pleasant. We’ll be coming to you next time we’re looking for another car. We’ll make sure to send our friends your way too!

Samira and Brian (Customers at Honda Cars of Katy)

Car Care Tips- Maintenance Schedule

Helen writes: I have been listening to you talk about the importance of doing scheduled maintenance on our cars. My new car’s owners manual talks about normal service and severe service. I have been going by the normal requirements, but my brother says that is not enough. What is the difference?

Mike: Helen, great question, and an important one, because if you go by the “normal driving” schedule, you’ll be inviting failures. I don’t know of any place in Texas that qualifies for the “normal driving” maintenance recommendations. The industry says: If you drive in stop and go driving, or high temperatures, or high humidity, or dusty conditions, or use the A/C often, you should use the severe service recommendations. In Texas, we have ALL of these conditions not just one of them. Go by the more complete schedule and you will avoid a lot of problems and get more trouble free miles from your vehicle.

Here is a tip: Since June is tire safety month, I will climb on my soapbox and talk about checking your tire pressures. I constantly harp on people to check their tire pressures and you seem to be coming around. Here is another thing to add: when checking your pressures, don’t forget the spare! Trust me, you’ll be glad you checked.

Herzing publishes the website: Mike has owned Accurate Auto Center in Tomball, TX since 1979 and is a former ASE Certified Master Tech.

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Honda Odyssey – Car Care Tip

2010 Honda Odyssey Mini VanCarson writes: Mike, I have a 2004 Odyssey that is having a door lock problem. It seems that one by one, the power door locks have failed. First, it was the drivers door, now it is one of the side doors. Am I doing something wrong?

Mike: Carson, it is nothing you are doing, so don’t worry. What you have are failing door lock actuators. They are basically an electromagnetic solenoid that raises or lowers the door lock rod so you don’t have to. It is a common failure and not terribly expensive to repair.  Can anyone remember when power windows and locks were a luxury and not a necessity? It is funny that there is an entire generation that has never hand cranked a window or pushed a door lock button. I’m feeling older by the minute.-MH

Here is a tip: With the black bugs coming in season soon, most of us will have them all over the front of our vehicles. Their bodies are loaded with acids that can and will destroy your cars paintjob. Get them cleaned off as soon as possible because the longer you let them stay there, the harder they are to get off and the more damage they do. There are cleaners on the market specifically for removing bugs and road tar and those all help. What helps the most is to maintain a good coat of wax on your vehicle and keep the finish as clean as possible.

Mike Herzing publishes the website: Mike has owned Accurate Auto Center in Tomball, TX since 1979 and is a former ASE Certified Master Tech.

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Car Care Tips

Jaine writes: I am a big fan of your column, and since I have a problem with my 145k 2004 Pilot, I had to ask for your opinion. I neglected to service my transmission and now I need a $2500 overhaul. I love the vehicle, but my Dad says that it isn’t worth spending money on because it has over 100k miles. My trade in value is terrible because it won’t shift, so I’ll have to almost give it away. Is the engine going to go because it has over 100k miles? With maintenance, how long should it last?

Mike: Properly maintained, your engine should easily go 250k miles before it starts to get tired. Of course there will be belts, waterpumps, seals, and gaskets to replace during that time so don’t think it will be maintenance free. I would have the shop check it over before making a decision to repair it though. If they can’t foresee any big issues, I’d fix it in a heartbeat and stay without a car payment. Maintaining your vehicle and driving the wheels off of it is always the best way to save money. Hondas are great for this.

Mike Herzing publishes the website: Mike has co-hosted The Automotive Reporter Radio Program since 2003 and is a former ASE Master Technician.

Car Care

Car Care Guidelines
– Author: Derry Dharmawan –

2010 Honda Civic

To get a good vehicle that is comfortable and good for driving , the car should be maintained continuously. You can go to the car service station or you can do it by yourself.

Like humans, machines also require maintenance and regular checks in order to be fixed immediately if there is a damaged part or need to repair. General checkup on the car should be performed every 2 or 3 months, not only for the car that has not been used for a long time but also car that has been used on a long journey. It is up to you whether go to the service station or you do it by yourself.

Your lovely car needs your special attention in order to it always seems as new. The following are car care guidelines that may benefit for you.

Exterior and interior

It is better if you constantly clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle from dirt, because if it stuck too long, it is going to harden and can cause the paint looks dull and flawed. While in the interior, the dirt that was not immediately cleaned will bring about unpleasant odor.


Do not forget to check the condition of tire and the air pressure. The air pressure in your tires should be measured at least once a month by using an accurate gauge.


Always check the conditions of water of accumulator, radiator, and windshield wiper. You should add the water if the amount is below the minimum limit. If you cannot do all of these you can go to the service station dealer that produce your car. For example, if you have an Audi TT it would be better if you go to the Audi service station.


You should also check the volume and quality of oil in the engine, gearbox, axle, power steering, brakes and clutch.


If the power of your engine is poor or even part of your machine makes noise, it means you have to start to check the condition of your car engine to the nearest service station.


You need to check various components of your car, such as the clutch, gearbox, coupling, axle, wheel bearings as well as the wheels. Make sure that the components are working normally.

The lights

Finally, make sure that all your vehicle lights like the headlights, taillights and brake lights are running perfectly, because you certainly do not want to have an accident caused by brake lights have been damaged.

You should do the car care guidelines above as this will make you feel comfortable and confident while driving.

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About the Author: Derry Dharmawan

To get a quality car, you do not have to pay a lot because there are lots of cheap used cars available and they are still in very good condition.

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