Honda Cars of Katy to Introduce All-New 2012 Next Generation Honda Civic

Honda Cars of Katy is gearing up to introduce one of the most anticipated new vehicle models launching this year, the all-new, fully redesigned 2012 Next Generation Honda Civic.

“Time and again, the Civic delivers on all fronts – fuel economy, great performance and reliability, smart packaging, long-term value,” said Chris Morrison, General Manager at Honda Cars of Katy. “The 2012 Civic is taking all of that up a notch. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the release of the brand new Civic, and we are already taking orders on the vehicle.”

Customers can test drive the all-new 2012 Civic at Honda Cars of Katy on April 18th—the first day the vehicle will be available to purchase. The iconic vehicle will undoubtedly continue to be a standout in the compact segment showcasing some impressive new upgrades, but still possessing all of the same underlying qualities that customers have come to expect from the Civic and Honda.

Those with an eye for style won’t be disappointed. The next-generation Civic brings enhanced looks, performance and efficiency across the model range. In addition to the interior being revamped with improved materials and technologies, the 2012 Civic also boasts a cleaner design, more robust lines and a more dynamic physical appearance.

“We will be offering the full 2012 Civic line-up,” said Morrison. “This includes the standard coupe and sedan models, the new sporty Si versions and the hybrid, as well as an all-new model—the Civic HF, which gets approximately 40 mpg on the highway,” he added.

With a style to match every customers needs, there is certainly a car for every buyer. Come see what all the hype is about at Honda Cars of Katy on April 18, 2011, you won’t be disappointed.

About Honda Cars of Katy:

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Houston Gas Prices Rising: Honda Cars of Katy Offers Solutions

With Houston gas prices back on the rise and showing no sign of slowing down, $4 per gallon gasoline is becoming a possible reality that consumers may have to deal with. The good news is Honda Cars of Katy offers Honda fuel efficiency  that can help cut costs in this new high priced fuel marketplace. Here are a few Honda models that can help you cut down your rising gasoline expenses.

●      2011 Honda Insight: 40mpg city, 43mpg highway

The Honda Insight sports a hybrid engine and offers strong fuel efficiency with high performance at an affordable cost. Designed for urban drivers, the Insight doesn’t sacrifice performance while still retaining excellent fuel efficiency. Honda Insight comes standard with Eco Assist, which helps to boost fuel efficiency. It sports an Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system and a 1.3 liter i-VTEC engine.

●      2011 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan: 40mpg city, 43mpg highway

Also strong on fuel efficiency, the Civic offers a stylish exterior and quality interior on top of the excellent gas mileage.  The Hybrid Sedan also features the Integrated Motor Assist IMA system, a 4 cylinder engine, and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). If hybrid isn’t your thing, the standard 2011 Civic Sedan offers very respectable gas mileage at 36mpg hwy.

●      2011 Honda CR-Z Sport Hyrbid: 35mpg city, 39mpg highway

The CR-Z is for consumers who seek great gas mileage  but still want to drive a car with some pick up and go. The CR-Z brings sporty performance to the hybrid field, offering a fun, 6 speed manual transmission and a 16-valve, 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine. The CR-Z also features the IMA system and the CVT, ensuring that your gas mileage is maximized.

●      2011 Honda Fit: 28mpg city, 35mpg highway

The Honda Fit doesn’t sport as strong of a MPG as the rest featured here, but it makes up for it with price, storage space, and performance. Ranked highly on Car and Driver, U.S. News, and Consumer Guide, the Fit is a great combination of edgy styling, strong fuel economy,  performance, comfort, and utility.

●      2011 Honda Accord Sedan: 23mpg city, 34mpg highway

If you’re looking for a strong, fuel efficient midsize, the Honda Accord is one of the most storied cars in the world. Named one of Car and Driver’s 10 Best 24 times, the Accord gets solid gas mileage for a midsized while offering impressive performance, comfort, and reliability.

Every vehicle Honda offers now takes fuel efficiency into account, and there’s no doubt you should too. Picking up a car that gets 40mpg instead of 20mpg cuts your gas bill in half.

For more information about your Honda options, come visit us at Honda Cars of Katy or visit our website at We’ll be happy to answer any further questions you have about Honda vehicles and how they can help you save at the pump!

My Honda Civic – The only Vehicle I’ll Ever Buy by Jerry Renshaw

When you find a good product that you’re happy with, you tend to stick with it.  That’s just the way we’re wired.  That probably explains a lot about why Honda owners are so loyal to the brand.  The Honda Civic has been in production for almost 40 years now, with a transverse engine and front wheel drive layout, and have always combined a surprising amount of interior room and comfort with a reliable, economical design.

Honda Cars of Katy Honda CivicMy first Civic was all the way back in ’89, right after I got out of college. Even though Civics hadn’t yet reached the level of refinement they have now, it was still a great car with a strong-running 1.6 liter 4 cylinders, cloth seats, an AM/FM stereo radio and a 5-speed transmission.  I took that car back and forth from Texas to the Midwest I don’t know how many times, and I never saw less than 35 mpg out of it on the Interstates.  I held onto that Civic until it hit 168,000 miles, when I sold it for $1600 – it wasn’t burning oil and was still holding together just fine.

Civic #2 was a ’95 model that I bought used.  It was a newer generation of Civic, with a lower hood, more aerodynamic styling, quieter interior and about the same fuel economy.  That white Civic had a velour interior, power windows and locks and a 5-speed manual transmission. Again, I kept driving that one until the odometer was well over the 150k mark, and had very little in the way of trouble over those years.  It certainly held together better than my wife’s cars did during those years…

The third Civic I had was a ’03 model, with an automatic transmission and the 1.6 liter engine.  I was really, really fond of that Civic for the time I had it; unfortunately, that car came to a bad end the day when a guy in an F150 pulled out in front of me at an intersection.  I hit him at about 30 mph – needless to say, it was more than a fender-bender.  The car was in bad shape, but I wasn’t – between the car’s crumple zone and the airbag, I walked away from that collision with some bruises and a sore collarbone from the shoulder belt.  I am not at all sure I would have come out that well in any other car.

I thought the ’03 was about the best Civic I had owned, until I got the ’10 model.  With the engine upgraded to 2.2 liters these days, the Civic has more power than before while still getting 38 mpg out on the highway. This one’s got a full set of power options, leather interior, MP3 stereo and a whole slate of other amenities my earlier cars didn’t have.  It’s quiet, it rides and drives great on the highway, it’s got nimble handling and more than enough power – I couldn’t be happier with a car than I am with this one.

Can you guess what car I’m going to get next?  You guessed it…another Civic from Honda Cars of Katy. I have yet to make a bad call on this brand, and like I said…we all tend to keep coming back to products that we’ve had good experiences with, right?