Installing a Child Safety Seat the Right Way

At Honda Cars of Katy, we provide to you the resources you need in order to make driving with you and your family as safe as possible. Not only are we going to find you the perfect vehicle for you but we will also leave you feeling and knowing you are in a safe Honda vehicle. Child Saftey, is of utmost importance, and child safety seat installation is something that we all need to know about.  Please read on, and know the proper techniques! Happy reading!

If you grew up in the 60s, 70s or 80s, chances are you never had a child seat (or maybe never even used seat belts) and your parents never gave it a second thought.

Now child car seats are a part of everyday life, and installing the seat into their new Honda Accord can be difficult.  It doesn’t help matters that there’s no standardized way to mount them – each brand is different.

That trepidation and worry is well-founded – the NTHSA has found that as many as 80 percent of child safety seats are improperly installed and used and that poor installation can be a contributing factor to many traffic fatalities in children under 14.

Honda Cars of Katy - Installing Child Safety SeatHere are some things to keep in mind:

  • Getting a proper fit between car seat and vehicle seat is essential, and usually tricky.  Some vehicles have automatic locking retractors (ALR), emergency locking retractors (ELR) or retractors that can work either way.  The seat cushions’ shape and size can make a big difference, as can the huge variety of shapes and sizes of child safety seats.
  • The federal government has stepped in to set a standard, with new car seats and post-2002 vehicles featuring LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children).  The LATCH attachment can be rigid or flexible, and negates the need for using seatbelts to anchor the seat.
  • Regardless of what brand of seat you get or how it’s supposed to install, make certain that it’s the proper seat for your child’s age, weight and height.  This is crucial!
  • Remember that the safest place for a car seat is always in the rear seat.  Post-2008 models will have a shoulder strap for the middle rear seat position, so keep that in mind when installing.
  • More than anything else – read both the car’s owner’s manual and the child seat manual carefully, and follow their instructions. If you still have questions, call your new Honda dealership in Houston and ask them.

Infant seats and toddler seats will typically have different designs and different mounting procedures.  Follow their instructions to the letter!  Then, after the seat is installed, grab the seat and try to move it.  It shouldn’t  move more than an inch from side to side or front to back.  If you’re still not sure, feel free to call your Honda dealership, or consult the NHTSA’s Child Passenger Safety or National Safe Kids Campaign websites.


5 Tips to Traveling With Your Pets

Honda Cars of Katy Houston Pets

Love traveling with your pets?

During the holidays, many people in the Houston area embark on road trips to see their families and friends.  Bringing your pets with you on these trips gives you a great travel companion that won’t fight over the car temperature or stereo.  But before you jump in your new, used or certified used Honda with Fido, check out 5 tips to keep both you and your pet safe on car trips:

1.       No roaming. Don’t let your pet roam around in your vehicle.  They could interfere with your driving in many ways, including distracting you and getting caught between the foot pedals.  Even if you’re driving a new Honda, you need to be sure that your pet has its own space – and that you have room to drive safely.

2.       Buckle up. Just as it’s important for you to wear your seat belt, it’s equally important for your pet to be safely restrained in your vehicle.  There are a multitude of safety options for restraining pets, including car seats, harnesses or crates.

3.       Don’t choke. Never attach a restraint to a pet’s collar, as that could cause strangulation.  Restraints should distribute pressure across the pet’s body to prevent injury.

4.       Stick together. In the same way that a child can suffer when left in a parked car, a pet is equally susceptible to illness or injury when left in the car.  If you’re leaving your new Honda for a while, take your pet with you.

5.       Keep it in. As amusing as it is to see a dog’s head hanging out the window of a new Honda car, it’s actually very unsafe.  It could be a distraction for you or other drivers.

There are many other tips and tricks to learn when taking pets on road trips with you, but here at Honda Cars of Katy, safety is the most important aspect of driving.  So, when you’re ready to take your pet on a road trip in your 2011 Honda, remember these safety tips.  And if you decide that your car is too small to transport both you and Fido, stop by Honda Cars of Katy, and we’ll show you plenty of safe options for you and your pooch!  We’ll make sure you’ve got the right car for both you and your pets.

Do you travel with your pets? Do you have any other tips for fellow animal owners?  Share your story with us on Facebook and Twitter.