Honda Cars of Katy to Introduce All-New 2012 Next Generation Honda Civic

Honda Cars of Katy is gearing up to introduce one of the most anticipated new vehicle models launching this year, the all-new, fully redesigned 2012 Next Generation Honda Civic.

“Time and again, the Civic delivers on all fronts – fuel economy, great performance and reliability, smart packaging, long-term value,” said Chris Morrison, General Manager at Honda Cars of Katy. “The 2012 Civic is taking all of that up a notch. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the release of the brand new Civic, and we are already taking orders on the vehicle.”

Customers can test drive the all-new 2012 Civic at Honda Cars of Katy on April 18th—the first day the vehicle will be available to purchase. The iconic vehicle will undoubtedly continue to be a standout in the compact segment showcasing some impressive new upgrades, but still possessing all of the same underlying qualities that customers have come to expect from the Civic and Honda.

Those with an eye for style won’t be disappointed. The next-generation Civic brings enhanced looks, performance and efficiency across the model range. In addition to the interior being revamped with improved materials and technologies, the 2012 Civic also boasts a cleaner design, more robust lines and a more dynamic physical appearance.

“We will be offering the full 2012 Civic line-up,” said Morrison. “This includes the standard coupe and sedan models, the new sporty Si versions and the hybrid, as well as an all-new model—the Civic HF, which gets approximately 40 mpg on the highway,” he added.

With a style to match every customers needs, there is certainly a car for every buyer. Come see what all the hype is about at Honda Cars of Katy on April 18, 2011, you won’t be disappointed.

About Honda Cars of Katy:

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Houston Gas Prices Rising: Honda Cars of Katy Offers Solutions

With Houston gas prices back on the rise and showing no sign of slowing down, $4 per gallon gasoline is becoming a possible reality that consumers may have to deal with. The good news is Honda Cars of Katy offers Honda fuel efficiency  that can help cut costs in this new high priced fuel marketplace. Here are a few Honda models that can help you cut down your rising gasoline expenses.

●      2011 Honda Insight: 40mpg city, 43mpg highway

The Honda Insight sports a hybrid engine and offers strong fuel efficiency with high performance at an affordable cost. Designed for urban drivers, the Insight doesn’t sacrifice performance while still retaining excellent fuel efficiency. Honda Insight comes standard with Eco Assist, which helps to boost fuel efficiency. It sports an Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system and a 1.3 liter i-VTEC engine.

●      2011 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan: 40mpg city, 43mpg highway

Also strong on fuel efficiency, the Civic offers a stylish exterior and quality interior on top of the excellent gas mileage.  The Hybrid Sedan also features the Integrated Motor Assist IMA system, a 4 cylinder engine, and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). If hybrid isn’t your thing, the standard 2011 Civic Sedan offers very respectable gas mileage at 36mpg hwy.

●      2011 Honda CR-Z Sport Hyrbid: 35mpg city, 39mpg highway

The CR-Z is for consumers who seek great gas mileage  but still want to drive a car with some pick up and go. The CR-Z brings sporty performance to the hybrid field, offering a fun, 6 speed manual transmission and a 16-valve, 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine. The CR-Z also features the IMA system and the CVT, ensuring that your gas mileage is maximized.

●      2011 Honda Fit: 28mpg city, 35mpg highway

The Honda Fit doesn’t sport as strong of a MPG as the rest featured here, but it makes up for it with price, storage space, and performance. Ranked highly on Car and Driver, U.S. News, and Consumer Guide, the Fit is a great combination of edgy styling, strong fuel economy,  performance, comfort, and utility.

●      2011 Honda Accord Sedan: 23mpg city, 34mpg highway

If you’re looking for a strong, fuel efficient midsize, the Honda Accord is one of the most storied cars in the world. Named one of Car and Driver’s 10 Best 24 times, the Accord gets solid gas mileage for a midsized while offering impressive performance, comfort, and reliability.

Every vehicle Honda offers now takes fuel efficiency into account, and there’s no doubt you should too. Picking up a car that gets 40mpg instead of 20mpg cuts your gas bill in half.

For more information about your Honda options, come visit us at Honda Cars of Katy or visit our website at We’ll be happy to answer any further questions you have about Honda vehicles and how they can help you save at the pump!

5 Tips to Traveling With Your Pets

Honda Cars of Katy Houston Pets

Love traveling with your pets?

During the holidays, many people in the Houston area embark on road trips to see their families and friends.  Bringing your pets with you on these trips gives you a great travel companion that won’t fight over the car temperature or stereo.  But before you jump in your new, used or certified used Honda with Fido, check out 5 tips to keep both you and your pet safe on car trips:

1.       No roaming. Don’t let your pet roam around in your vehicle.  They could interfere with your driving in many ways, including distracting you and getting caught between the foot pedals.  Even if you’re driving a new Honda, you need to be sure that your pet has its own space – and that you have room to drive safely.

2.       Buckle up. Just as it’s important for you to wear your seat belt, it’s equally important for your pet to be safely restrained in your vehicle.  There are a multitude of safety options for restraining pets, including car seats, harnesses or crates.

3.       Don’t choke. Never attach a restraint to a pet’s collar, as that could cause strangulation.  Restraints should distribute pressure across the pet’s body to prevent injury.

4.       Stick together. In the same way that a child can suffer when left in a parked car, a pet is equally susceptible to illness or injury when left in the car.  If you’re leaving your new Honda for a while, take your pet with you.

5.       Keep it in. As amusing as it is to see a dog’s head hanging out the window of a new Honda car, it’s actually very unsafe.  It could be a distraction for you or other drivers.

There are many other tips and tricks to learn when taking pets on road trips with you, but here at Honda Cars of Katy, safety is the most important aspect of driving.  So, when you’re ready to take your pet on a road trip in your 2011 Honda, remember these safety tips.  And if you decide that your car is too small to transport both you and Fido, stop by Honda Cars of Katy, and we’ll show you plenty of safe options for you and your pooch!  We’ll make sure you’ve got the right car for both you and your pets.

Do you travel with your pets? Do you have any other tips for fellow animal owners?  Share your story with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Used Car Dealership Katy, Houston TX

Used 2008 Honda Accord EX-L Katy Houston TXIf you’re considering buying a used car in the city of Houston, the time has never been better, you know where to look for a great deal on a used car in the surrounding cities of Houston, TX.  A new and used car dealership in Katy, TX one mile west of Houston includes special pricing and enticing incentives on their new and used cars for sale.  Honda Cars of Katy serves surrounding cities such as: Houston, Richmond, Sugarland, Cypress, Cyfair, Fulshear, Sealy, West Houston, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenburg, Conroe and The Woodlands TX.  These are cities that are home to many residential communities, open farmlands and captivating small towns that surround the vast metropolitan city of Houston Texas.

Houston has a thriving new and used car market.  Honda Cars of Katy, a dealership in Katy, TX, is selling new Honda’s and many makes and models of used cars all for phenomenal prices.  For those consumers looking for a large variety of used cars in all makes and models this dealership carries them all such as: used Honda, used Chevrolet (Chevy), used Ford, used Chrysler, used Jeep, used BMW, used Mercedes, used Hyundai, used Kia, Used Subaru, used Lincoln, used GMC, used Dodge, used Volvo, used Nissan, used Volkswagon, used Toyota, Used Mitsubishi, used Lexus, used Mazda, used Audi and used Infiniti.

Honda Cars of Katy is perfect for the consumer that is looking for an honest, hardworking and experienced dealership.  For any Texas resident living in Houston, TX or surrounding areas the opportunity to find a new car or a reliable used car for sale is huge at Honda Cars of Katy.  This dealership sells affordable used cars that are thoroughly inspected by a trained technician.  At Honda Cars of Katy we do a 150-point mechanical and appearance inspection, performed by a trained technician, to ensure that each vehicle meets our high Used Car standards.  Many of our used Honda cars cover engine, transmission, except for standard maintenance items, body glass and interior. See Honda Cars of Katy, a new and used car dealer, for more details on the Used Honda Cars Limited Warranty program.

A prospective used car buyer will have the confidence that the used car they purchase is reliable, comfortable and fuel efficient.  Consumers look for dependability in a used car having the desire to find a reliable used car that gets from point A to point B safely and in style.  Offering such a large variety of used cars will give the consumer an opportunity to make the best decision on what vehicle best suits their needs.  Honda Cars of Katy offers the best customer service with a large inventory of used cars that are restocked daily, offering the best opportunity to find the car of your dreams.

Honda Cars of Katy – Used Car Dealership in Katy, Houston TX

Certified Honda Cars

Benefits of Buying Certified Used Cars
– Author: Gilchrist Adam –

It is not usual for one to come around a used car that is sold with an original manufacturer’s warranty. This is where certified used cars come into play. For those who do not know, certified used vehicles tend to come with a comprehensive coverage that goes further than what the dealership characteristically offers you. Manufacturer’s certified car programs have now gained much popularity and can be found at many used auto dealers.

The biggest benefit that comes into mind about certified used cars is that you are getting a used car that has been meticulously examined and has been found to be so good in condition that they have received an extended warranty. In order to receive certified used cars warranty, the car needs to meet outstandingly high standards by the manufacturer of the automobile. What is interesting is that after attaining a certified used car, you have 3 days or 3000 miles to verify if the car is right for you. If during this time you find that the car is not the right one for you, you can always go back to the dealership and pick a better one. Also, a certified used car has a label on the window stating that the car has passed the stringent guidelines to become certified used, together with the market price evidently noticeable to avoid confusion.

Along with the warranty that is given, there are other benefits to attaining certified used cars. Certified used cars give buyers supplementary benefits that they usually only get when they buy a new car. These are inclusive of getting roadside assistance, lower loan rates, loaner’s cars throughout repairs, free of charge maintenance together with oil changes and inspections and also shuttle services.

Nevertheless, the most significant benefit is the warranty that you receive. When you acquire a certified used car you get a wide-ranging, long-term warranty that is also low cost which helps you save hundreds of dollars on your vehicle every single year. The enticement of free oil changes and examinations also play a role in making this deal a more appealing one.

But, when you look around for a certified used car, make sure you find a local dealership that has an extensive assortment of genuine certified used cars. After that, look for a sales person who knows what he is talking about when it comes to the car that you have chosen. Eventually, getting a certified used car is perhaps the best choice you can make!

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Honda – Earth Friendly Vehicles

2010 Honda Insight

2010 Honda Insight

Earth Friendly Engines
– Author: Jedd Sullivan –

The eighties have not only been known as the era of the dreaded dance moves and funny hairstyles.  This has also been the time when the prodigal player of the automotive industry came with a vengeance, introducing more Carbon Monoxide producing vehicles to our streets.   Long gone were the days when everybody was busy dispensing chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) into our atmosphere. Recently, however, it is totally different scene as tech producers and consumers exhibit a more heightened consciousness on the health of our environment.

Since those days, a lot of development has happened in the task of involving care for the environment with the way consumer goods are manufactured.   Sustainable Development is currently something the government and consumers are looking for among car makers.  Among the car giants, no one perhaps beats Japanese corporation Honda in coming up with technology that is not only efficient but environment friendly as well.

So far, the company has introduced models that are equipped with earth friendly technology meeting EURO 4 emission regulations.

Two of the more popular “green” engines launched by Honda are the i-DSI engine and the i-VTEC engine.

The i-DSI Engine

One of Honda’s more common engine is the i-DSI engine or the Intelligent- Dual and Sequential Ignition.  This engine from Honda is one of only a few car engines which received the “Low Emission Excellence” certificate in Japan from its Ministry of Transportation.

The i-VTEC Engine

A few years ago Honda came with the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) engine which was the worlds first valve mechanism capable of simultaneously changing the valve timing and lift on the intake and exhaust sides.  It has been an innovation praised and appreciated by many in the motoring industry.  The i-VTEC  is the result of car developers at Honda taking the old VTEC system up another notch.  Dubbed as the intelligent VTEC, this engine follows EURO 4 emission standards.

It is such a comforting thought to know that car manufacturers like Honda have taken the challenge of coming up with more earth friendly vehicles.  Indeed, technology must be harnessed as a means of improving function without compromising the ecosystem.The technology that blends seamlessly to ones lifestyle without posing any threat to the environment is definitely a vision worth toiling for.

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The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Vehicles

The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Vehicles
Author: Bercle George

hondacivichybridblue1Cars or vehicles are the dominant modes of transportation in the modern world and different cars are powered by different resources to ensure their efficiency. When we say hybrid cars or hybrid vehicle, it is used to describe a vehicle which functions with the help of two or more power resources which are compulsory for its working. These multifarious power sources which serves as instruments its functioning include internal fuel cell or internal combustion engine, with an on-board rechargeable energy storage system or better known as RESS.

It is significant to realize that one of the prevalent demerits of any fuel-run vehicle is its emission and too much carbon emission contributes for increase of pollution levels which greatly affects not only the surrounding environment but also to us- human beings

In simpler viewpoint, when we environmental protection is considered, hybrid vehicles are more often chosen as it has been proven through extensive studies that the level of emission in case of hybrid vehicles is significantly low compared the emissions produced by typical internal combustion engine vehicles and in the face of continually rising fuel prices, these hybrid vehicles are useful in maintaining better fuel economy.

hondacivichybridwhite1Why the use of hybrid vehicles is of that advantage? They have enormous battery storage capacity which makes them to  capable for storing recaptured energy. In addition, the hybrid cars are categorized as extremely ideal for running on modern roads as they give suitable conditions to run under high traffic road networks.

Why is that so? Precisely because the working of the diesel engine or gasoline is terminated during idle periods or traffic stops and during these conditions, they tend to prevent the unnecessary loss of fuel resources. Aside from environmental pollution, noise pollution is also an increasing problem and in this case hybrid cars have an edge over other kinds of cars as the level of nose emission in these cars is also quite low.

There are many kinds of hybrid vehicles. The Battery Electric Vehicles or BEVs may at times posses such batteries which can be recharged even during the vehicle is in motion. The Hybrid Electric Vehicles or HEVs are the most prominent among the various hybrid cars and in fact the term hybrid vehicle is commonly utilized to mean merely Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

These hybrid electric vehicles have internal combustion engines, diesel engines run by various fuels or gasoline apart from having electric batteries to boost the electric motors.

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