Installing a Child Safety Seat the Right Way

At Honda Cars of Katy, we provide to you the resources you need in order to make driving with you and your family as safe as possible. Not only are we going to find you the perfect vehicle for you but we will also leave you feeling and knowing you are in a safe Honda vehicle. Child Saftey, is of utmost importance, and child safety seat installation is something that we all need to know about.  Please read on, and know the proper techniques! Happy reading!

If you grew up in the 60s, 70s or 80s, chances are you never had a child seat (or maybe never even used seat belts) and your parents never gave it a second thought.

Now child car seats are a part of everyday life, and installing the seat into their new Honda Accord can be difficult.  It doesn’t help matters that there’s no standardized way to mount them – each brand is different.

That trepidation and worry is well-founded – the NTHSA has found that as many as 80 percent of child safety seats are improperly installed and used and that poor installation can be a contributing factor to many traffic fatalities in children under 14.

Honda Cars of Katy - Installing Child Safety SeatHere are some things to keep in mind:

  • Getting a proper fit between car seat and vehicle seat is essential, and usually tricky.  Some vehicles have automatic locking retractors (ALR), emergency locking retractors (ELR) or retractors that can work either way.  The seat cushions’ shape and size can make a big difference, as can the huge variety of shapes and sizes of child safety seats.
  • The federal government has stepped in to set a standard, with new car seats and post-2002 vehicles featuring LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children).  The LATCH attachment can be rigid or flexible, and negates the need for using seatbelts to anchor the seat.
  • Regardless of what brand of seat you get or how it’s supposed to install, make certain that it’s the proper seat for your child’s age, weight and height.  This is crucial!
  • Remember that the safest place for a car seat is always in the rear seat.  Post-2008 models will have a shoulder strap for the middle rear seat position, so keep that in mind when installing.
  • More than anything else – read both the car’s owner’s manual and the child seat manual carefully, and follow their instructions. If you still have questions, call your new Honda dealership in Houston and ask them.

Infant seats and toddler seats will typically have different designs and different mounting procedures.  Follow their instructions to the letter!  Then, after the seat is installed, grab the seat and try to move it.  It shouldn’t  move more than an inch from side to side or front to back.  If you’re still not sure, feel free to call your Honda dealership, or consult the NHTSA’s Child Passenger Safety or National Safe Kids Campaign websites.


Honda Cars of Katy Leads the way with new Honda Technology for 2011

While things like fuel cell cars and hydrogen power are still a few years down the line, Honda Cars of Katy’s customer’s know they can count on a steady stream of technological advances in every new Honda vehicle.   Things like one-touch power windows, front and rear AC, side curtain and passenger-side airbags, audiophile-quality stereos, cruise control, GPS navigation and power mirrors and seats used to be considered “luxury items” but are now standard on Hondas and many other makes.  However, it’s the extra touch of Honda’s thoughtful design that makes a difference.  It seems like everything you are looking for is right at your fingertips.

The company’s technological strides go far beyond the power accessories, amenities and other bells-and-whistles.  Among many other items Honda Cars of Katy is proud of the following components that are available on many Honda Cars and Trucks:

I-VTEC – Long at the forefront of environmentally-friendly engine design, Honda is wringing more performance, lower emissions and better fuel efficiency out of their engines for the Civic, Accord and other models.  Things like reduced engine weight, restructured pistons, redesigned catalytic converters, shutting off cylinders at highway speed and re-curved valve timing placed the Honda Civic Hybrid as the third “Greenest Vehicle” for the 2009 model year.Honda Cars of Katy i-vtec Honda Technology

Integrated Motor Assist – Honda’s IMA technology is part of the Honda hybrid drive train.  It uses concepts like regenerating braking energy back into the hybrid’s battery, shutting off the car’s engine at idle and lean-burn fuel metering to get the most efficiency out of the hybrid Insight, Civic and Accord.

Vehicle Stability Assist – Honda’s VSA system combines antilock braking and traction control to stabilize the vehicle.  The system can also apply braking to individual wheels to prevent the vehicle from going into a dangerous skid.

Honda Cars of Katy Serving Houston with G-Con TechnologyG-CON – Another advanced safety feature on late-model Hondas, G-CON protects the car’s occupants by controlling G-forces in case of a collision.  Honda’s labs have done collision testing using all kinds of vehicles to develop “crumple zones” that absorb the impact of a collision without transferring it to the occupants.  The system also protects pedestrians by minimizing head and chest injuries in case of an accident.

Come check out the latest features and options at your new Honda Houston dealership. Test drive a new Honda car, and we think you’ll appreciate the latest features, options and technology from Honda!


Honda Cars of Katy: Where you buy from a Person and Not Just a Salesperson

At Honda Cars of Katy, we know that sales are built on personal relationships. In fact we base our whole philosophy around that.  Our sales people want to make shopping for a car a painless, low-pressure process.  Our friendly, knowledgeable salespeople are conversant in Spanish and Vietnamese as well as English, and will sit down with you to discuss options and find out what exactly you’re looking for in a used Honda Accord or any other new or used Honda.

Located right outside Houston at 21001 Katy Freeway, Honda Cars of Katy is one of the highest-volume car dealerships in the state of Texas, with plenty of new and used inventory in stock and ready for you to test drive.  We also have an outstanding customer service department to make sure that your purchase of a new or used Honda will be the best ownership experience you’ve ever had.  With an inventory that includes models like the Honda Insight, Honda Ridgeline truck, Honda Odyssey minivan, Honda CR-V, Honda Element and many others, there’s got to be a new or used Honda car or truck that’ll be a good fit for you.

Honda Cars of Katy, Houston Honda

“High volume” doesn’t mean “high pressure, “ though.  We believe in treating customers like they’re our friends and family.  We appreciate how important relationships are, and believe that it’s people that really make the difference at Honda Cars of Katy.  We serve West Houston, Katy, Tomball, Sealy, Rosenberg, the Woodlands and the entire Katy area.  It’s that extra attention to relationships that’s made us the premier Honda dealership Houston has to offer.