Honda Cars of Katy Celebrates “Odyssey Week” on Facebook

This week Honda Cars Of Katy debuted the all-new Honda Odyssey video on their Facebook Fan Page just in time for the close of the biggest event of the season—Happy Honda Days. This inside look at the Odyssey will be posted this Thursday, December 30th, at noon.

“The Honda Odyssey is not only family friendly and innovative, it has a long-standing record of reliability — making it an all-around customer favorite at Honda Cars of Katy and all over Texas.” Chris Morrison, General Manager of Honda Cars of Katy, said. “The Odyssey has received numerous awards since its inception, including winning both Car and Driver’s “5 Best Trucks” and Consumer Reports’ “Top Pick Minivan” several times.”

The dealership highlighted the Odyssey on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, their Blog and YouTube. “Odyssey Week” also encouraged fans to share their experiences with their Honda Odyssey by posting comments, stories and pictures on the dealership’s Facebook Page.

View the all-new Honda Odyssey video here:


Choosing the Honda Odyssey for our Family was a No Brainer!

You know what it’s like when you’ve got kids and a minivan.  You need to keep the little ones entertained and occupied so that a toddler insurrection doesn’t break out in back.  It needs to be comfortable for the grown-ups to be in one place for hours on end (vacations, trips to Grandma’s, etc).  It needs to ride well, handle well, get decent gas mileage and have reasonably good power so you don’t get flattened by an 18-wheeler while you’re trying to merge.  It needs plenty of cubbies, pockets and other storage options for the necessities (and for the little ones to stash their Buzz Lightyear figures).  And it needs plenty of space for the big stuff too, for when you’ve got to get the whole soccer team’s gear on board (or for the weekly trip to Home Depot).  Those are the criteria you’re going to want.

We looked at many minivans during the buying process: Dodge Caravan, Chevy Venture, Mazda MPV, Toyota Sienna. But, nothing stood out about any of them.

Then we tried a Honda Odyssey, and realized that we had just stepped onto a whole new playing field.

With a 244 horsepower 3.5 liter V6, the Honda had more than enough power to jump through holes in traffic or get up to interstate speed with room to spare.  The suspension is tuned so the Honda is actually nimble for a minivan – none of that ten-ton-armored-truck handling that many older minivans had.  Honda’s VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) shuts down two or four cylinders according to demand – no fuel or spark to those cylinders at highway speed – meaning we get 27 mpg on the highway (a very easy gas mileage figure to live with).  You can feel safe with kids in the Honda, with antilock brakes, electronic stability and traction control, side-impact airbags in front and side curtain airbags for all three rows.

And speaking of kids…

…the Touring model comes with a 16-inch widescreen video monitor (with an HDMI input) and a 12-speaker surround sound audio system that pushes a whopping 650 watts.  That is definitely enough to keep your feuding kids occupied.  Even the base-model Honda is equipped with a power driver seat, all power accessories, a CD player (with an MP3 input), tilt wheel, cruise control, air conditioning and lots of other goodies. 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring

Everyone likes the storage features in minivans, and Honda sure didn’t miss a beat on the all-new Odyssey. The in-floor storage even features a lazy-Susan (mine now has a Hot Wheels car or two in it) along with all the other cubbies and nooks. Triple-zone climate control, a power tailgate, power side doors, a navigation system (with 15 gb of storage), parking sensors, tire-pressure indicators, heated leather seats…the features on this minivan go on and on.  As a matter of fact, I’m still discovering some of the niceties in this rig.

The Honda Odyssey takes minivan to a whole new level. One of the things my family loves most is that it is a Honda, so we know it was built to last. And when it comes to routine maintenance, we always go to Honda Cars of Katy because we know their certified trained technicians will take the best care of our Odyssey. Plus, with Odyssey Grill at the dealership, we can grab lunch while we are getting our car serviced. The kids love the kids’ room and I love that I can watch them through the glass while catching up on e-mail with the free wi-fi.

My Honda Accord: From Sweet 16 to College Degree

My name is Beth Lynch and I am a proud Honda Accord owner.

In fact, the first car I ever owned was a certified pre-owned1996 Honda Accord, purchased by my parents for my sweet 16.  When I received the Accord, it had roughly 45,000 miles on it. I drove the Accord to and from school, around town and to help shuffle friends who were not yet lucky enough to have their own car! My Honda Accord truly helped me get to where I was going!  In fact, that when it came time to head off to college, I took it along with me! 

Like most college freshmen, I became quite home-sick in the first few months of school.  Often times, I found myself taking my three hour drive back home in my reliable, trusty Honda Accord. Not once did I have any issue with my Accord on my commute back home from school! It kept up with my frequent long drives and, on top of everything, it didn’t cost much in gas because of its phenomenal fuel economy!

As I progressed through my college career and it came time to move out of the dorm, once again I found myself depending on my Honda Accord. You would be surprised at how many of my belongings fit into the spacious interior of the Accord! It had a large trunk and plenty of room. So much that I didn’t even have to ask anyone of my friends who had a truck!

Little by little I became more involved in student-life during college which required a lot of time spent in the Accord either driving back and forth from apartment to campus or even going out of town.  I drove to different cities for speaking engagements and often piled friends in my Accord to take a road trip on the weekends just to get out of our college town.  Never did I have any sort of mechanical issue with my Honda Accord on any of those trips.  A lot of my friends in college had, at one time or another, the issue of being stranded due to car trouble. Fortunately for me, car trouble was never an issue in my Accord and I attribute that 100% to the quality of the Accord.  I drove my Accord until I’d put well over 100,000 miles on it in only 5 years! That is a lot of miles in such a short period of time, but thankfully, for me, my Accord stuck by me every mile of the way!

All-New Honda Accord Video Debuts This Week on Honda Cars of Katy Facebook Page

Honda Cars Of Katy proudly announces an all-new video series focused on the post popular Honda Cars and Trucks as well as the outstanding employees that work at one of the best Honda dealerships in Houston.  Beginning with “Accord Week,” the dealership will debut an all-new, informative Honda Accord video later this week.  The first video, with tons of information about the highly crafted, fuel-efficient Honda Accord will be posted this Thursday, December 23 at noon.

“Everyone knows that the end of the year is a great time to buy a car and with the Honda Accord as one of our top-selling vehicles–the timing couldn’t be better,” Chris Morrison, General Manager of Honda Cars of Katy, said. “It’s a great value and we wanted our Facebook fans to have the inside information they need to help them make an informed decision on which car is right for their family.  We will work with them to deliver the best value and car buying experience at Honda Cars of Katy.”

The dealership will spend the week highlighting the Accord on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, their Blog ( and YouTube. The “Accord Week” will also encourage fans to share their own story about their Honda Accords.

The dealership chose to debut the video on Facebook first because of the loyal, local fan base that resides online.  You can see the all-new video of the Honda Accord and become a fan of the dealership on Facebook.

View the all-new Honda Accord video on Facebook Thursday at noon. Become a fan of Honda Cars Of Katy on Facebook and follow Honda Cars Of Katy on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest Honda news and specials. Learn more about Honda Cars of Katy at

5 Tips to Traveling With Your Pets

Honda Cars of Katy Houston Pets

Love traveling with your pets?

During the holidays, many people in the Houston area embark on road trips to see their families and friends.  Bringing your pets with you on these trips gives you a great travel companion that won’t fight over the car temperature or stereo.  But before you jump in your new, used or certified used Honda with Fido, check out 5 tips to keep both you and your pet safe on car trips:

1.       No roaming. Don’t let your pet roam around in your vehicle.  They could interfere with your driving in many ways, including distracting you and getting caught between the foot pedals.  Even if you’re driving a new Honda, you need to be sure that your pet has its own space – and that you have room to drive safely.

2.       Buckle up. Just as it’s important for you to wear your seat belt, it’s equally important for your pet to be safely restrained in your vehicle.  There are a multitude of safety options for restraining pets, including car seats, harnesses or crates.

3.       Don’t choke. Never attach a restraint to a pet’s collar, as that could cause strangulation.  Restraints should distribute pressure across the pet’s body to prevent injury.

4.       Stick together. In the same way that a child can suffer when left in a parked car, a pet is equally susceptible to illness or injury when left in the car.  If you’re leaving your new Honda for a while, take your pet with you.

5.       Keep it in. As amusing as it is to see a dog’s head hanging out the window of a new Honda car, it’s actually very unsafe.  It could be a distraction for you or other drivers.

There are many other tips and tricks to learn when taking pets on road trips with you, but here at Honda Cars of Katy, safety is the most important aspect of driving.  So, when you’re ready to take your pet on a road trip in your 2011 Honda, remember these safety tips.  And if you decide that your car is too small to transport both you and Fido, stop by Honda Cars of Katy, and we’ll show you plenty of safe options for you and your pooch!  We’ll make sure you’ve got the right car for both you and your pets.

Do you travel with your pets? Do you have any other tips for fellow animal owners?  Share your story with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Prepare Your Honda for the Houston Winter

It’s time to winterize your Honda

Here in Texas, it’s often difficult to think about preparing your car for winter.  After all, Texas is known for its hot summers.  Conversely, the unpredictable winter weather in Texas can lead to sudden cold snaps and ice storms. Consider these few checkpoints to make sure your Honda performs at its best this winter.

How’s your battery?

  • In the winter, a battery can lose up to 50% of its power while starting the car.
  • Before you’re left stranded, be sure to check that your battery is in tip-top shape.
  • If your battery is more than three years old, it’s best to have it tested at a certified automotive repair facility like the one at Honda Cars of Katy.

Kick the tires. One of the basic laws of physics is that air contracts when it cools.  This principle can be applied to your tires as well.  When cold temperatures hit, the air in your tires contract, which can lead to a loss of traction.

  • Be sure to check your tire pressure, even on new cars.
  • If you’re driving an older car, or are planning on making a trip to a northern state, it might be a good idea to invest in some snow tires as an extra precaution.

What’s under the hood? Before the cold weather hits, it’s a good idea to check your engine to make sure it’s going to run well through the winter.

Honda Cars of Katy care care

Make sure your Honda is ready for the cold.

  • Make sure your fluid levels are full, including the antifreeze and windshield washer fluids.
  • If you drive a new Honda car, chances are your engine will be running at its peak, but it’s always good to give it a once-over every year, creating a good habit for the future.

Safety first. If you don’t have a safety kit in your car already, the onset of winter is the perfect time to get one.  Roadside kits don’t take much space in the vehicle, but can make a huge difference if something should happen while you’re out driving.  Be sure your kit includes some of the basics:

  • Flares
  • Flashlight
  • First-aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Basic tool kit
  • Warm blanket
  • Ice scraper.

Time for Warm-ups. When the temperature starts dropping, it’s a good idea to start your car a little early and let the engine run for a few minutes before you drive off.  If you have a remote starter on your new Honda, you don’t even have to leave the warmth of your home to get your engine running.

There are many other things you can do to get your Honda ready for the winter. Honda Cars of Katy has a state-of-of-the-art, full-service facility with great people ready to help.  Check out our online appointment scheduler, visit us online and make sure to check out Facebook and Twitter.