Honda Odyssey – Car Care Tip

2010 Honda Odyssey Mini VanCarson writes: Mike, I have a 2004 Odyssey that is having a door lock problem. It seems that one by one, the power door locks have failed. First, it was the drivers door, now it is one of the side doors. Am I doing something wrong?

Mike: Carson, it is nothing you are doing, so don’t worry. What you have are failing door lock actuators. They are basically an electromagnetic solenoid that raises or lowers the door lock rod so you don’t have to. It is a common failure and not terribly expensive to repair.  Can anyone remember when power windows and locks were a luxury and not a necessity? It is funny that there is an entire generation that has never hand cranked a window or pushed a door lock button. I’m feeling older by the minute.-MH

Here is a tip: With the black bugs coming in season soon, most of us will have them all over the front of our vehicles. Their bodies are loaded with acids that can and will destroy your cars paintjob. Get them cleaned off as soon as possible because the longer you let them stay there, the harder they are to get off and the more damage they do. There are cleaners on the market specifically for removing bugs and road tar and those all help. What helps the most is to maintain a good coat of wax on your vehicle and keep the finish as clean as possible.

Mike Herzing publishes the website: Mike has owned Accurate Auto Center in Tomball, TX since 1979 and is a former ASE Certified Master Tech.

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