Honda Cars of Katy Referral Program

Honda Cars of Katy Referral Program

$300 Extra Money Toward Your Bills

Most of our business comes from referrals by our satisfied customers.  Therefore, to show our appreciation, we have developed a “Customer Referral Program” which rewards you whenever you help us to get a successful new or used car sale.

We will pay up to $300 to you for any successful vehicle sale.  Do you have a friend or family member who is interested in purchasing a new Honda car or a used vehicle?  How about neighbors or co-workers?

If you personally set up a VIP appointment for your friends or family members, or bring them to our store, and they purchase a vehicle from us we will give you $300. Send as many referrals as you would like there is no limitations to the number of referral bonuses you can receive.  It is as simple as that.  Call us at 1.888.249.5473 to schedule an appointment, ask for Mo.

  1. 1. General: This referral program begins on March 01, 2010 until March 31, 2010 and will not pay out for any referrals prior to the start date.  The Customer Referral Program (“CRP Program”) is a program that allows you to receive a payment from Honda Cars of Katy for referring a customer who purchases a car at our dealership.  To participate in the CRP Program, you must comply with all of these requirements.
  2. 2. Bonus Requirements: In order for you to receive a Reward, the Referred Customer must successfully: (1a) purchase a new Honda car; (1b) purchase any used car; and you must (2a) set up a VIP appointment for the client with Mo at 1.888.249.5473; (2b) personally bring the customer into the dealership.
  3. 3. CRP Program: Honda Cars of Katy may discontinue or modify the CRP program at anytime by providing you thirty days notice.  In the event this program is discontinued you will receive all the Bonuses for all customers that have satisfied all the requirements.  All conditions must be met before the Program expires.
  4. 4. Bonus Amount: The amount of the Bonus is $300 per successful referral car purchase.  You can pick up your check at the dealership or the check may be mailed to you within 48 hours.
  5. 5. Payout Frequency. You will receive your Initial Payout within one week of the Customer successfully completing the vehicle purchase.  There are no limitations to the number of customers you can refer at a given time.
  6. 6. Compliance with Terms and Conditions. By participating in this CRP, you agree to be subject to all of the terms and conditions of the CRP Program.  Honda Cars of Katy reserves the right to restrict you from participating in this CRP Program if you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions.



Local Honda Dealer Enjoys Super Bowl Exposure / Offers Swift Recall Recovery

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

Katy, TX – One of the most-watched TV programs of the year, the Super Bowl was an ideal environment to draw attention to Honda’s all-new Accord Crosstour. “The Accord Crosstour is Honda’s newest entry into the world’s next-generation, sporty, crossover vehicles,” said Chris Morrison, General Manager of Honda Cars of Katy. Ever since the running of the Crosstour ad during the Super Bowl our web site activity increased tremendously and the phone seems like it hasn’t stopped ringing.”

Morrison added, “Honda has always been a trend setter with our flagship Accord and fuel-efficient Civic. The Accord Crosstour is a modern solution. It gives you a lot of storage, but it doesn’t look or drive like other vehicles out there. One look at the Crosstour and you know right away something new is going on here.”

We asked Mr. Morrison about the recent vehicle safety recalls in the news and how these affect current Honda customers as well as Honda prospects in choosing Honda. “When Honda identifies concerns of this nature, nothing is more important to the company and Honda Cars of Katy than fulfilling our obligation and responsibility to alert our customers. In addition to contacting our customers by mail, if you are at all unsure if your Honda is affected please call our special VIP Honda Hotline set up exclusively for this purpose at 800-217-3050. A knowledgeable operator will be able to answer all your questions and direct you accordingly.” Mr. Morrison advised. “Nothing is more important to us than the safety and reliability of the vehicles our customers drive, and we are determined to live up to the high standards people have come to expect from Honda.”

Just some of the steps taken by Honda Cars of Katy to support customers affected by any safety

recall include extended service hours until all customers’ vehicles have been fixed, adding greeters to their service drive, dedicating body shop capacity to expedite repairs, providing free car washes and oil changes, increasing customer communication and providing complimentary maintenance service, among other customer focused activities.

“My team is working extremely hard to ensure that all the necessary resources and support we need are in place to make sure our customers get their cars fixed quickly,” said Morrison. “We are making this process safe, easy and fast for any customer who has been affected.”

Honda Dealer Committed To All Houston Area Customers

“While the media is doing a great job alerting the public regarding the details of various vehicle safety recalls I want the entire Houston market area to know Honda Cars of Katy is here to serve the needs of all the surrounding community. Not just those affected by a recall. Our team of professionals is trained to identify solutions to even the most challenging circumstances presented by our customers. For example we have low monthly payments to fit the smallest budgets. We work with some of the biggest lenders in the country. They bend over backwards just to earn the right to provide below market financing to Honda Cars of Katy customers. You don’t win the Annual Honda President’s Award by offering mediocre service.’

What if someone wants to trade-in their Honda or even a Toyota? “Actually right now is a great time to Trade In and Upgrade to a new Honda. The limited supply of used vehicle inventory makes your used car worth more. As a result, Honda Cars of Katy will pay customers top dollar for pre-owned vehicle,” explained Morrison. “We need pre-owned vehicles like never before.

As one of the top performing dealerships in Texas, we have to restock our inventory at any cost. In fact, in some cases we’ll even offer to buy a customer’s vehicle even if they don’t buy ours.”

“Your experience will be Safe, Easy and Fast!”

If you could tell our readers two compelling reasons to drive Honda, what would they be? “One of the main reasons more people than ever before are putting Honda on their list of vehicles to buy is fuel efficiency. The entire line-up of Honda cars is one fuel sipping vehicle after another. And we all know which direction gas prices tend to go,” remarked Morrison. “The second reason is as important to people as the first and that’s affordability. That’s where Honda Cars of Katy shines. We simply offer our customers the Best Price in America on New Hondas.”

Finally Mr. Morrison added, “If any Honda customer has any questions at all about your car, the recall or anything regarding Honda or the dealership, I want you to call me.  Our team is standing by, and I promise I will get back to you and personally address any issue you have.” Honda Cars of Katy is located at 21001 Katy Freeway in Katy, Texas 77450.

About Honda Cars of Katy
Honda Cars of Katy is a new car and used car Honda dealer that proudly provides parts and service to the greater Houston area including Katy, Sugar Land, Houston Heights, Memorial, Downtown Houston, Bellaire, River Oaks, West University, Montrose, The Woodlands, Midtown, Cypress, Humble and Jersey Village.

Driving Safety Tips

How To Stay Safe When Driving in the Rain
– author Michael Murray –

Throughout the year, the roads you travel on may become wet and slick, especially during the months when rain showers are abundant. Rainy conditions not only affect the road, but also influence your vehicle and impair your vision while driving. The best way to increase safety during rainy road conditions is to make sure your vehicle is rain-ready and your on-the-road habits are up to par.

Car Maintenance

To better prepare your car for travel in the rain, you should have your tires checked on a regular basis. Once they show signs of balding, you should have them replaced. The deeper the tread on tires, the more traction you will have to work with. At least once a year, windshield wipers should be replaced, as poor wipers are unable to properly clear the water off of a windshield and also greatly impairs vision. Before driving in rainy weather, make sure the headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signal lights are in working condition. It is also suggested to carry along an emergency kit in the car.

Proper Road Preparation

To lessen the chances of suffering complications on the road, you should allow enough time to get to your intended destination. When you are running late, never attempt to make up lost time by driving faster on the road – instead – call ahead to alert affected parties. Sometimes, roads collect with water during rainy weather and you should prepare to use an alternate route in such cases.

Driving on the Road

It is important to follow proper driving habits when traveling in rainy conditions. For example, one of the main rules regarding driving in the rain is to keep to slower speeds because oil deposits and rain combine on a road to make conditions extremely slippery. Also, the slower you drive, the more traction you will enjoy. Additional rain driving tips include:

1) Be cautious when approaching intersections, which are known to collect higher amounts of oil deposits.

2) Leave extra space between yourself and the driver ahead to give more time to stop if wet weather impedes your driving.

3) When driving, use your headlights, which helps you to see better, as well as alerts oncoming drivers to the presence of your vehicle.

4) When slowing down, take your foot off the accelerator or lightly brake. Drivers should also avoid sudden stops.

5) Driving in the center lanes (where the road is highest) helps avoid water pools that gather along the curb and between lanes.

6) When passing trucks, take special caution because trucks often produce large sprays, which make it more difficult to see the road and surrounding vehicles.

7) Avoid standing water because varying depths of water may cover up damaging objects, such as potholes.

This article was brought to you by Honda Cars of Katy, please call with any questions at 281-994-0055.

Earth-Friendly Automotive Tips

Environmental Car Care Tips
– Author: statracing –

(ARA)- Drivers, why not make every day Earth Day?

According to officials with the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), motorists can help the environment and their own finances by changing a few habits. This may come as surprise to those who think they must wait for hybrid or alternate-fueled vehicles to become popular.

ASE recommends regular vehicle maintenance and better driving habits as two can’t-fail action plans. Here are a few specific, easy-to-implement tips from ASE

— Keep the engine running at peak performance — a misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent. Replace filters and fluids as recommended in your owner’s manual. A well tuned engine pollutes less and uses less gasoline than a neglected vehicle. Moreover, engine performance problems only get worse if neglected.

— If you do your own repairs, be a good citizen. Dispose of engine fluids and batteries properly. A single quart of used motor oil can pollute thousands of gallons of water. Anti-freeze poured on the ground can poison wildlife and household pets. Some repair facilities accept used fluids and parts. Or call your local government for more information.

— Keep tires properly inflated and aligned. If your air pressure is just a few pounds low, you force the engine to work harder (read: burn more gasoline) just to move the vehicle. Tires that are misaligned also make your vehicle work harder. Consider, too, that poorly maintained tires wear out faster, which means more discards have to be scraped, recycled or sent to the landfill.

— If you are not much of a do-it-yourselfer, find a good technician. Ask friends for recommendations. Check the reputation of the repair shop with your local consumer group. Check out the technicians’ credentials. ASE-certified auto technicians have passed one or more national exams in specialties such as engine performance and air conditioning.

— Have your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced only by a technician certified to handle and recycle refrigerants. Older air conditioners contain ozone-depleting chemicals, which could be released into the atmosphere through improper service.

— Avoid speeding and sudden accelerations. Both habits guzzle gas and put extra wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine, transmission, steering and suspension system, and other components. Use cruise control and anticipate traffic patterns ahead. As a side benefit, your brakes will last longer.

— When waiting for friends or family, shut off the engine. Consolidate daily errands to eliminate unnecessary driving. And, yes, walk more often.

— Remove excess items from the vehicle’s truck, since less weight means better mileage. Remove that roof-top luggage carrier after vacations to reduce air drag.

If appeals to save the environment are not enough, consider this: A poll of ASE-certified auto technicians indicated that a well-maintained vehicle should last 50 percent longer than a neglected one. Good car care saves you money and helps the environment — a win-win situation.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) was founded in 1972 as a non-profit, independent organization dedicated to improving the quality of automotive service and repair through the voluntary testing and certification of automotive professionals. ASE-certified technicians wear blue and white ASE shoulder insignia and carry credentials listing their exact areas of certification. Their employers often display the ASE sign.

For a free brochure with earth-friendly automotive tips, send a self-addressed, stamped long envelope to: ASE Environment Brochure, Dept. ARA-2, 101 Blue Seal Dr., S.E., Suite 101, Leesburg, Va., 20175, or visit for more information.

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