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2010 Honda Insight

2010 Honda Insight

Earth Friendly Engines
– Author: Jedd Sullivan –

The eighties have not only been known as the era of the dreaded dance moves and funny hairstyles.  This has also been the time when the prodigal player of the automotive industry came with a vengeance, introducing more Carbon Monoxide producing vehicles to our streets.   Long gone were the days when everybody was busy dispensing chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) into our atmosphere. Recently, however, it is totally different scene as tech producers and consumers exhibit a more heightened consciousness on the health of our environment.

Since those days, a lot of development has happened in the task of involving care for the environment with the way consumer goods are manufactured.   Sustainable Development is currently something the government and consumers are looking for among car makers.  Among the car giants, no one perhaps beats Japanese corporation Honda in coming up with technology that is not only efficient but environment friendly as well.

So far, the company has introduced models that are equipped with earth friendly technology meeting EURO 4 emission regulations.

Two of the more popular “green” engines launched by Honda are the i-DSI engine and the i-VTEC engine.

The i-DSI Engine

One of Honda’s more common engine is the i-DSI engine or the Intelligent- Dual and Sequential Ignition.  This engine from Honda is one of only a few car engines which received the “Low Emission Excellence” certificate in Japan from its Ministry of Transportation.

The i-VTEC Engine

A few years ago Honda came with the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) engine which was the worlds first valve mechanism capable of simultaneously changing the valve timing and lift on the intake and exhaust sides.  It has been an innovation praised and appreciated by many in the motoring industry.  The i-VTEC  is the result of car developers at Honda taking the old VTEC system up another notch.  Dubbed as the intelligent VTEC, this engine follows EURO 4 emission standards.

It is such a comforting thought to know that car manufacturers like Honda have taken the challenge of coming up with more earth friendly vehicles.  Indeed, technology must be harnessed as a means of improving function without compromising the ecosystem.The technology that blends seamlessly to ones lifestyle without posing any threat to the environment is definitely a vision worth toiling for.

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The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Vehicles

The Benefits Of Using Hybrid Vehicles
Author: Bercle George

hondacivichybridblue1Cars or vehicles are the dominant modes of transportation in the modern world and different cars are powered by different resources to ensure their efficiency. When we say hybrid cars or hybrid vehicle, it is used to describe a vehicle which functions with the help of two or more power resources which are compulsory for its working. These multifarious power sources which serves as instruments its functioning include internal fuel cell or internal combustion engine, with an on-board rechargeable energy storage system or better known as RESS.

It is significant to realize that one of the prevalent demerits of any fuel-run vehicle is its emission and too much carbon emission contributes for increase of pollution levels which greatly affects not only the surrounding environment but also to us- human beings

In simpler viewpoint, when we environmental protection is considered, hybrid vehicles are more often chosen as it has been proven through extensive studies that the level of emission in case of hybrid vehicles is significantly low compared the emissions produced by typical internal combustion engine vehicles and in the face of continually rising fuel prices, these hybrid vehicles are useful in maintaining better fuel economy.

hondacivichybridwhite1Why the use of hybrid vehicles is of that advantage? They have enormous battery storage capacity which makes them to  capable for storing recaptured energy. In addition, the hybrid cars are categorized as extremely ideal for running on modern roads as they give suitable conditions to run under high traffic road networks.

Why is that so? Precisely because the working of the diesel engine or gasoline is terminated during idle periods or traffic stops and during these conditions, they tend to prevent the unnecessary loss of fuel resources. Aside from environmental pollution, noise pollution is also an increasing problem and in this case hybrid cars have an edge over other kinds of cars as the level of nose emission in these cars is also quite low.

There are many kinds of hybrid vehicles. The Battery Electric Vehicles or BEVs may at times posses such batteries which can be recharged even during the vehicle is in motion. The Hybrid Electric Vehicles or HEVs are the most prominent among the various hybrid cars and in fact the term hybrid vehicle is commonly utilized to mean merely Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

These hybrid electric vehicles have internal combustion engines, diesel engines run by various fuels or gasoline apart from having electric batteries to boost the electric motors.

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Improve Fuel – Nice Tips To Develop Mileage

Improve Fuel – Nice Tips To Develop Mileage – by Jackson –

Do you change your oil very often? Changing the oil is actually one of the most taken-for-granted service maintenance tasks to a car.

iStock_000001907590XSmallUsing the right engine oil is to help our car protected from heat and friction, and lubrication.

Do you know how’s the oil works for a car’s engine?

When the engine is in operation, the oil is sucked from the oil pan and pumped through numerous holes and crevices in the engine to lubricate as well as draw heat away from these working areas to be cooled in the oil pan.

Motor oil also has a bit of detergent added to aid in cleaning the engine. It draws grime and soot away from these engine parts and draws them through the oil filter apart from the heat. Having large quantities of oil around also prevents early rust.

How to improve gas mileage if referring to the Motor Oil Rating?

Improve Fuel – Nice Tips To Develop Mileage by Jackson

When choosing motor oils you must consider your needs according to its viscosity rating. To enable the oil flow freely inside the engine, you need to get this point into your consideration.

Less protection from friction to be seen in hot weather though the oil flows freely. In cold weather, oil turns thick and may be less able to flow throughout the engine. This is where you will be able to see how to improve gas mileage with motor oils.

Two types of oils, single-viscosity and multi-viscosity, are commonly found in today’s world. Detergents may not be able to found from single-viscosity. Refer to the range of temperatures are expected to operate in; this is how oil manufacturers rate the motor oil. The oil will be easier to flow if the number is lower and oil is thinner.

For multi-viscosity oil, let take two numbers as example, 10W-40. 10 is the lowest range and 40 being the highest range. For W, it means it can be used in winter conditions.

More Tips on How to Improve Gas Mileage with Engine Oil

History. You must know what type of oil you have been using in your engine. The reason is, you might have the potential to use oil with no detergent. Dirt might free up the engine and things might be fouled up if you suddenly change to use the oil which has detergent. That is why you need to always make sure you use the same class and rating of oil.

How old is the oil? For those who have been changing the oil since long centuries ago and those who have been logging the miles, they may need to get a thicker oil to make up for the wear in the engine parts. Please switch to heavier oils if you do not change your oil regularly or have been neglect this for centuries.

What oil is recommended? It is actually depend very much on your owner’s manual. There are some indications on the engine oil that you need to follow in order to make the engine run optimally. Always check if your engine still under warranty. If yes, fully utilize this privilege.

How’s the climate? A benefit of multi-viscosity is to cover a range of temperatures. For single-viscosity, it covers constant climate conditions.

Buy reknowned brands. There’s a reason why big brands like Pennzoil, Quaker State and Valvoline are on top.

Did you manage to change the oil accordingly?

The usual answer is: as often as possible. Change should be about every 3000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. However, you will be recommended to change your oil every 1000 miles if you often drive in the city.

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